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Learn about the innovative research being done right here in our community that will lead to a cure

Cancer Genomics

Cancer is a disease of gene mutation. Understanding these mutations that drive cancer leads to a better awareness of how cancer arises and spreads to distant organs.

Cancer Imaging

Detecting cancer at its earliest stages is fundamental for early treatment and increasing cure rates.


Harnessing the body’s own defenses to recognize cancer cells and destroy them.

Population Health

A customizable approach that allows researchers and healthcare professionals to connect practice to policy through non-traditional partnerships among different sectors of the healthcare community.

Precision Medicine

Although we often define cancer by the organ in which it arises, there are over 100 types of unique cancers. Research at UW propels our understanding of your individual tumor so we can personalize your therapy.

Radiation Therapy

Researchers at UW have pioneered advances in the delivery of radiation precisely to the tumor and not normal tissue.

Targeted Therapies

Understanding what proteins drive cancer is critical and such advances will lead to cures.

Therapeutic Resistance

Understanding and predicting how tumors become resistant to different therapies is vital to prolonging life and curing patients.

Viral Oncology

Over 25% of all cancers are caused by viral infection and UW researchers are leading the way in methods for detection, treatment and prevention of viral driven cancer.