Give a Hand

Want to get involved, but prefer not to pedal? We’d love to have your help. We’ll need more than 100 volunteers for a wide variety of positions. Find the position that’s the best fit for your skills and availability below.

Choose A Volunteer Position for Details

The Ride

Headquarters Set-Up

This role includes a variety of set up tasks for the site itself.  Some heavy lifting is involved (up to 50 lbs). Hang event and sponsor signage as well as soft fence throughout the event site including the start/finish area. Place trash and recycling containers around site as site plan designates. Make sure to leave extra bags with each container. Assist with set up of tents, tables, and chairs. Assist with other miscellaneous tasks as needed. Bring a pair of work gloves.

Bike Corral

Keep a watchful eye over the enclosed corral to be sure bikes are kept safe.   This role may require you to stand and process checking bikes in or out, but does not require you to handle their bike or lift anything. Follow check-in/check-out protocol as bikes and people come and go. Manage a single entrance/exit and patrol the perimeter of the corral to make sure security is maintained.

Gear Check

Ensure that riders' bags are safely stored and appropriately tagged; riders may not leave bags in the bag-check area without the correct bag-check tag attached. Check bibs against tagged bags during retrieval process; riders may not take bags unless the bag-check tag and bib number match. Direct riders to dispose of chip instructions and other trash in the garbage bins to maintain a clean area. Assist in cleaning and breakdown as needed.

Beverage Distribution

Assist with serving beverages to riders and guests. Also, makes sure all areas are clean and free of debris. Please not this activity may involve some heavy lifting (50 lbs) and standing for long periods of time. Must be 21+ years old.

Food Distribution

Assist with the serving of food to participants and guests. Also, makes sure all areas are clean and free of debris. Please note, this activity may involve some heavy lifting and standing for long periods of time.

Course Marshals

Serve as the eyes and ears of the ride. Course marshals are given an orange vest and an emergency number card and placed in a specific area of the event route. We encourage you to cheer on cyclists as they pass, but try not to get too caught up in simply watching the riders. Make sure all riders stay on the correct side of the road and follow traffic laws. Throughout the event your primary event responsibility is for rider safety and direction. This role requires you to stand for an extended amount of time and we encourage you to bring a friend!

Finish Line

This role includes cheering on riders as they approach the finish line, pouring milk for riders to take, and presenting riders with medals.