No Pedals? No Problem.

Whether you can’t make the event on September 22 or biking just isn’t your thing, there’s still a way to be a part of The Ride. By registering as a Virtual Rider, you can raise funds from anywhere-scroll down now!

How Does The Program Work?

Just like a physical rider, Virtual Riders register and then begin fundraising. 100% of proceeds go to UW cancer research and improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

What Happens After I Register?

Once registered as a Virtual Rider, you will receive a custom URL to send out to family and friends who can donate to your ride. Once on your page, donators can contribute as much as they’d like. Also, Virtual Riders are not subject to any registration fees.

Do I Get Anything From Being A Virtual Rider?

Virtual Riding Fundraising Incentives:

$250: Ride Water Bottle
$500: Ride Water Bottle and T-shirt
$1,500: Ride Water Bottle, T-shirt and Hat
$2,500: Ride Water Bottle, Jacket and Hat