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About Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly is a writer/editor for the Department of Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. “It’s a great privilege to interview patients and their loved ones and to have an inside view of the work that University of Wisconsin researchers and clinicians are doing to improve cancer treatments and save lives.” Rob has been writing professionally for more than 25 years, and has been an all-weather bicycle commuter for the past 19 years. “I’m looking forward to riding for the patients I’ve met, my own family members and friends who have faced or are facing cancer and the many patients who will benefit from cancer research at the University of Wisconsin.”

Grateful for Successful Treatment, Fulfilling Career

The UW Carbone Cancer Center holds a special place in Dr. Zac Labby’s heart. It’s where his mom was successfully treated for breast cancer, where he discovered his calling and where he applies his skills and knowledge to benefit current and future cancer patients. Labby, an assistant professor of human oncology at the University of [...]

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How do I get involved in The Ride?

Community participation powers The Ride, a bicycle benefit for cancer research at the University of Wisconsin. Even if you are not an avid cyclist, there are plenty of opportunities for you to support this effort and help us work toward improving outcomes for cancer patients. Here’s how: Register to ride—With a choice of five routes, [...]

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Everybody Wins

Dr. Bethany Anderson, an Assistant Professor of Human Oncology at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, feels privileged to treat cancer patients and hopes that cancer research will enable her to do more for them. Anderson, a Wisconsin native, knew by age 10 that she wanted to be a doctor. She developed a strong interest in [...]

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We’re All in this Together

Dr. Zach Morris, Assistant Professor of Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (UWSMPH), recently bought a tandem bike so he can ride with his father, Jeff, who can no longer ride on his own. In March, Jeff and his wife were biking in Florida, and he kept catching [...]

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A New Tradition

Last year, Jennifer Smilowitz and her children (twins Florencia and Logan) began a new family tradition—participating in The Ride to raise money for cancer research at the University of Wisconsin. For Smilowitz, an Associate Professor of Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, The Ride holds great meaning for [...]

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Paralympian Cancer Survivor Takes on The Ride

In 1991, Patrick McDonald lost the use of his legs in an armored personnel transport accident while serving in the U.S. Army in South Korea. Determination, a positive attitude and participation in sports helped him adapt to his new situation. During and after rehabilitation he took part in basketball, golf, swimming, cycling, shooting and table [...]

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A Shared Loss, a Common Goal

As 11-year-old Steven Hill pedaled his way home, he saw all the cars parked outside his parents’ house. He knew something big had happened. Steve was aware of his dad’s myxoid liposarcoma—a rare cancer of connective tissue—but he didn’t know how far it had spread. “I realized later that he was far sicker than I [...]

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Somebody’s Somebody

In 1997, after months of back pain, Diane Tuttle was diagnosed with a rare cancer—adult soft-tissue sarcoma. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy at UW Hospital, but the cancer recurred and she died in September 1998 at age 51. Her daughter, Melissa Tuttle (now Melissa Carr) was living in Atlanta at the time, having recently graduated [...]

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What is Cancer Research?

Advances in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment are built upon the cumulative effort of many scientists and clinicians. It’s an integrated process that generally involves three types of research: basic, translational and clinical. Basic cancer research is aimed at understanding fundamental biological processes that underlie cancer development and progression. Basic research discoveries create the [...]

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Riding to Heal, Riding for Hope

Tricia Ritschard was excited about The Ride—the bicycle fundraiser for cancer research at the University of Wisconsin. She planned to cheer on her friends at the starting line, but she was too sick to make it. Patti Batt and several of Tricia’s other close friends were riding in her honor. “I had biked with Tricia [...]

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